- This document is mandatory and will be sent together with the Summary of the activity performed.
- The contracting accept these conditions once the payment or reservation or at the start of the contract activity.


- The client is obliged to inform the physical and technical everyone sthe participants level to make the activity tailored to the capabilities of the group.
- In no event shall lie or exaggerate on that level to qualify for higher levels.
- The person who hires the service is obliged to inform the coordinator of the company of possible disease, injury, or physical or psychological limitations of any participant or group deficiencies.
- When hiring a service to a group of children, the contractor will be responsible for these children.
- All participants must certify minors parental leave signed by a responsible.
- The contractor is obliged to inform all the technical aspects of the activity, as well as the conditions described here the rest of the participants who will perform the activity.


- For the safety of the group, responsible guide warns that a participant is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that limit their physical or mental faculties, it will have the power to cancel or dismiss this activity without further justification or reasoning.
- Also in case the activity Responsible note that the participants do not have the physical technical level, nor necessary for the successful completion of the contract activity, may decide to replace this activity with a more appropriate to its level or even the total cancellation of the activity.

- Before starting the activity   participants that is the activity performed, with particular emphasis on the risks to which they are exposed in the place of the activity and safety standards to be followed in the course of will be remembered same.

- If after these explanations  some participants choose not to perform the activity, you will not be paid the cost of the contract activity.

- Whole the participants or, failing those responsible for minors, they sign an admitting that he has explained what the activity they will perform and who are aware of the risks document to which they are exposed to do it .
- the participants respect the rules and attend to the instructions of the guides at all times, can be excluded from activities where not to.
- All the participants will address with respect and courtesy to the guides and to the rest of the participants, avoiding confrontations and promoting a civic attitude and fellowship throughout the activity.
- Once placed and verified the specific material, nobody can take it away or change their settings, should disturb must notify the guide so that it would review and adjust it properly.
- the participants must make good use of the material and specific equipment provided by the company Inguru Abentura Elk.Txikia Koop, returning in the same state in which they were supplied.
- While not report otherwise you can not overtake or exceed the video monitoring any activities or spots or risk, maintaining and respecting the guidelines set by the guide in each zone or difficulty to overcome.
- At no time the participants will exceed the minimum safe distance marked by the guide
- It is forbidden to lean on ledges or stay near the reception of abseiling, jumping, zip lines, or areas exposed to falls from heights, so avoid falls and unexpected shocks and possible impacts of falling objects or stones .
- No participant can get away without consulting the group monitored and if any participant see someone walks away without warning the guides or monitors must warn these immediately.
- For added safety and convenience, certain positions when it comes to overcome the various difficulties will be recommended, it is important to follow the advice of MONITORING to move on and enjoy the activity with greater convenience by providing turn confidence.
- In case of incident, accident or dangerous situation, the participants must stay calm and follow the orders of the guide at all times, no rush to act on their own. This will avoid further damage and there will be greater control of the situation, increasing the likelihood that the incident is resolved successfully.

- It is important to remember that these activities take place in areas where difficulties and dangers are part of the environment and activity. The function of the guide is to manage the risks and difficulties of effective, safe and even becoming fun.
- If the activity is carried out in an appropriate manner is unlikely accidents from happening, but we must also note that even doing everything correctly certain incidents or accidents of varying degrees can come to occur.
- All activities carried out in natural terrain or abroad, are exposed to external factors that sometimes can not be controlled in its entirety. (Storms, floods flow, falling rocks or landslides or other physical phenomena and / or weather) can affect the activity or the participants.
- When performing jumps in both activity Bungee jumping and canyoning, the guide will explain how to make the jump, highlighting the details related to the position, execution mode and security settings, falling the ultimate responsibility for the proper execution of the jump in the hands of the participant who performs it, since we can not control the final jump, for it would have to jump in place.
- Therefore, we must realize that when our services participants as guides to streamline and control the safety of the activity, are exposed to any kind of accident, may suffer small wounds, bruises, sprains, sprains and even some minor, serious or very serious bone fracture, everyone must assume the consequences of the injury and recovery time of it.

- Not always, but sometimes, in the course of activities thefts have occurred in both vehicles of the participants and the workers. To prevent further consequences, we recommend going to the activity of "right" and avoid leaving valuable objects of value and in the case of owning such objects, save them in the trunk, as it is more difficult to access place. Remember that in case of theft the company is not responsible for the consequences, because there is no insurance to be responsible for these damages.


- If you meet an animal avoid closer, disturb or touch.
- At no time did we leave marked paths or transit zones marked by the guide.
- No virgins or invade grassland areas. Strongly respecting the caves and waterways.
- As a general rule, narrow paths or uneven areas, we walk in single file, avoiding doing parallel or group.
- It is strictly forbidden to throw stones or sticks in areas where the activities take place.
- All garbage and waste generated is collected and entered into the waste bag.

Inguru Abentura includes in its activities Liability insurance policy with number 20160620345530 and another of healthcare policy number IIG2019000276, both with the company AXA.
If they suffer a mishap in our activities, the affected person may apply to the coverage offered by both insurance provided the following conditions are met:
- In case of accident or incident, the affected should immediately notify the responsible for the activity to assess the accident in the same place so we can determine its magnitude and take appropriate action.
- The company only accepted for processing notifications made during the course of, or subsequent to such negotiations, provided that it has informed the responsible, rejecting the notifications made subsequently.
- To ensure the highest insurance coverage assistance, advise the customer to go to medical centers concerted with the insurance company. (See end of document)
- If the customer wants to go to another facility of a private nature, it is probable that the customer must pay the costs of medical care provided, being reimbursed later by the insurance company.
- When traveling by physical disability in public services to go to medical consultations or rehabilitation sessions, the affected amounts payable for services used and apply for tickets. Once granted medical discharge bills were submitted and the company will refund the full amount.

Reserve: is made with a minimum of 10 days in advance, paying 25% of the total cost of the activity by bank transfer, the account number LABORAL KUTXA ES38 3035 0048 62 0480074360.
- Final payment: will be made at most within 5 days prior to the execution of the activity.
- Confirmation of payment: You must send by email or activity bring proof of transfer made.

Cancellation policy, cancellation or change SERVICE
- Because these activities are subject to no fault of the company as may be the weather, flood flow, etc. ... We reserve the right to postpone or substitute another activity contracted activity of a similar level, provided when the conformity of the client.
- If you do not accept the change offered, the customer is entitled to a refund of 75% of the activity, provided this has not begun, in that case, the customer will lose the full amount of the activity.
- Once you have completed the booking, should cancel the activity by clients in the 48 hours prior to conducting the activity, the company will return the amount paid except 15% of the cost of the activity, for damages caused .
- Before a cancellation, the company always advise the date change customer, provided this is done within 48 hours before carrying out the activity, will be no extra charge.
- If the date change is made in the 24 hours prior to the performance of the outsourced activities, will be a surcharge of 15% of the cost of the activity.
- The cancellation of the activity in the 24 hours prior to their implementation, the absence in the place, date and agreed hour, one of the participants or all of the group shall not entitle to any refund of the amount paid by the participants absent or group.
- The amount of activity will be returned when this he was suspended by the responsible for the activity to see that the participants had clear symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant or otherwise reflected in this document.

- If both parties agree on payment in cash, this will take place at the end of the activity exempting the company from any liability in case of loss or theft, assuming the contractor that lost or stolen and the company paying the estimated amount. No payment is accepted by credit card.
- The cash payment will be made by the total of those for which it was initially contracted activity and not the total number of people who fled performance of the activity, the group must assume the payment of the proportional cost of the absent participants in the activity.
- To avoid any such problems, we recommend that payment is made long in advance and by bank transfer.