Via Ferrata in the Basque Country

Progress through vertical walls with a spectacular environment worthy of the best climbs with the protection of a steel cable and steps for progression.

Progress through vertical walls with a spectacular environment worthy of the best climbs with the protection of a steel cable and steps for progression.

Do you want to combine mountaineering and rock climbing in an original and safe way?

This is a great way to discover a new way of climbing a mountain. Climbing rock faces with the help of metal pegs, rungs and ladders installed along the way, following a steel cable that will ensure we all climb and finally reach the summit to enjoy the beautiful views, tranquility and satisfaction this activity has to offer.

A Via Ferrata is an itinerary equipped with several elements of progression: chains, nails, staples, steps, handrails, suspension bridges and zip lines, which allow access safely to places not accessible to mountaineers unaccustomed to climb. To ensure the progression in a simple way, a steel cable installed along the route and a harness with a power dissipator and special ferrata carabiners will be used to stop and absorb the impact in the event of a fall.

It is considered that the origin of the via ferratas in 1843 in Austria, with the equipping of the normal route to the Hoher Daschein peak, with the sole purpose of making it more accessible. But it will not be until 1903 when the western edge of La Marmolada is equipped in the Dolomites, when the via ferrata is considered as such.

In the First World War came the proliferation of the war ferries, the purpose of these facilities was exclusively to displace the army, and control the valleys and populations to attack them more easily. Nowadays they are used by thousands of mountaineers to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the mountains offer us.

We will travel to different places of the Basque geography to carry out this activity, although the via ferrata that we like the most, El Cáliz is located in Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria.

For the more adventurous we also have rental equipment: Helmet, harness, safety carabiners and dissipating tapes. Check the prices in the rental section.

Do not hesitate and come to live an original and fun vertical adventure!

  • PLACES: Ramales (Cantabria)
    Contact us for other locations.

    DURATION: Between 3 -5 hours.

    LEVELS: I - II

    SEASON: All year round.

    8 participantss.

    MINIMUM AGE: 10 years.

  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: Open form as a pdf
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
50.00 € 60.00 € 70.00 €

Prices (VAT included)


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