Snow Shoes in the Basque Country

Feel and hear the crunch of your steps in the snow, discover the silence that reigns in the icy white blanket.

Feel and hear the crunch of your steps in the snow, discover the silence that reigns in the icy white blanket.

Delve into a snow covered landscape in the most comfortable and enjoyable way we know. Take in the forest’s white branches, ice cold streams, and the peaks where the icy silence is king. Enjoy views that are only bleached white for several weeks of the year.

We offer routes for different levels and for all types of people, trying to include as many different landscapes as we can on each route.

Snowshoes are instruments that are placed under the boots to increase the surface of the tread, and in this way it reduces the pressure that is exerted on the snowy mantle and increases the buoyancy in powder snow.

This means of transport originates from the snowy regions of North America and eastern Siberia, and has been used for thousands of years. Today snowshoes are used mostly by mountaineers who want to enjoy the mountain in winter without need to know how to ski.

Venture through the snow-covered landscapes in the most comfortable and pleasant way we know, enjoy the forests of white branches, the icy streams, the peaks where reigns the icy silence that captivates the landscape. Enjoy views that only stain white several weeks a year.

Snowshoes, similar to those of tennis in some places, were invented to avoid sinking into heavy snow. They used platforms on their feet wider than their boots, to be able to advance in the snow. Today we find authentic wonders in the market.

We offer you routes throughout the Basque geography of different levels and for all kinds of people, trying to combine different landscapes in each route. Urbasa, Entzia and Aizkorri are the natural environments in which snow makes a greater presence in winter, which is why they are usually our favorite destinations.

For this we have a team of qualified guides, Sports Technician Middle Mountain Level 2 TD2 (international qualification UIMLA), which will offer us the necessary explanations on the use of rackets and winter mountaineering in general.

For those who want to enjoy the mountain on their own we have snowshoes and rental poles. Check prices in the rental section.

  • PLACES: Entzia (Araba) and Urbasa (Nafarroa).

    Contact us for specific locations.

    DURATION: Between 4 -5 hours.

    SEASON: From December to March depending on the weather.

    MINIMUM GROUP: 6 participants.

    MINIMUM AGE: 10 years.

  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: Open form as a pdf
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
40.00 € 40.00 € Sin precio

Prices (VAT included)


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