Are you looking for an original idea for a stag or hen party?

Do you want to surprise the bride-to-be by proving your worth?

Fancy a different plan to celebrate the farewell to bachelorhood?

Inguru Abentura offers you activities to enjoy having a very fun day and celebrate this special moment.

You can get your wetsuit on to go down an aquatic canyon or get muddy inside a dark cave, but maybe you prefer to test yourself by climbing infinite verticals… Anyone up for bungee jumping? Or would you rather challenge each other to a Gymkhana?

Inguru Abentura has the best sports activities where everyone will be able to participate. Dare to live a different kind of farewell and have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Speleology for stag and hen parties

A different farewell in a different world.

Organise a farewell party where you will go underground, go through galleries and discover caves with specialised professional guides.

An underground world to discover for your stag or hen party.

Do you dare to enter with the bride or groom into a dark, cold and completely different world from the one you usually know?

Do you consider yourselves a daring gang and want to try something new?

This is your farewell plan. Led by technical experts in the field, you will discover a magical world, full of spectacular formations and an activity full of different emotions, where getting muddy will be the most fun you have ever had. An activity full of adventures in which you will have to overcome small climbs, handrails, crawlways… and everything we find on our way.

If you are curious to know what the caves hide, what secrets are hidden in these dark places full of legends about mythological beings… This is the ideal farewell. We will show you first-hand the best kept secrets of our caves, their mysterious surroundings, their formations, the shapes of their galleries…

A farewell party full of magic that will surprise everyone, but… especially the bride or groom!

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Descenso de barrancos para despedidas de Soltero/a

Canyoning for Stag and Hen Parties

Water and fun for everyone!

Organise an aquatic farewell party descending the most spectacular canyons and ravines of the Basque Country, Navarre, Asturias and even the Pyrenees.

Come with us to enjoy your stag or hen party with a refreshing and fun plan in a first class natural water park.

Dare to enjoy abseiling, jumps, slides and refreshing pools of water, descending rivers, canyons and spectacular ravines with the help of specialised professional guides.

You’ve never imagined doing something like this for a friend’s farewell party, and do you think the bride or groom would expect something like this?

We offer you different descents throughout our geography and each one of them has certain characteristics that make them unique. We do descents in Álava, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and Navarra. But we also organise trips to the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa for interested groups, discovering rivers and natural landscapes that can only be appreciated and enjoyed from the water.

It’s sure to be an adventure… And a plan you won’t easily forget for your next stag or hen party.

Cheer up!

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Bungee jumping for stag and hen parties

The bride first! and the groom too!!!!

A daring farewell and a leap into the abyss that will not leave you indifferent.

If you want to offer your friends an unforgettable farewell, with this activity you will achieve it, as the sensations are so strong that they will remember it for a long time.

This jump from a bridge over 40 metres high will give you a shot of adrenaline that will alter all our cells, very appropriate to make the bride or groom disconnect before the big day.

We usually do our jumps facing the ground, but we recommend you to try jumping backwards. We will prepare the best activity you have ever done and even your friends who had doubts about jumping will end up jumping with us.

In every group there is someone who likes adrenaline and who surely has this activity pending, if this year is your wedding do not hesitate, this is your ideal farewell.

We are waiting for you at Atxaspi!

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GYMKHANA despedidas

Gymkhana for Stag and Hen Parties

A farewell full of fun and games.

Organise a different kind of farewell party, immersing your friends in a game full of surprises, fun and above all culture.

Make your farewell party more fun competing against your friends in a passionate game, where each test or track will be a new challenge, you won’t have a moment’s rest and every second will be against you.

The game is played in groups, taking into account that the main objective is to have fun and enjoy a healthy competition full of vitality.

The objective is to take a short tour while you discover a city through a game that will reveal the keys to its environment, history, legends or curiosities of the area.

A competition where fun is more than guaranteed. Let yourself go in search of the next clue and enjoy like never before. Even the most timid will let loose and end up giving it their all.

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Multiadventure for stag and hen parties

A tailor-made farewell.

Enjoy a farewell party with a wide variety of adventure sports in unique natural settings in the Basque Country and Navarre.

Normally in a farewell party we find all kinds of people, some who like strong emotions and others who prefer something more relaxed.

And how do we do it to make everyone happy? Very easy, with a Multiadventure.

We will travel to unique natural environments in the Basque Country and Navarre to carry out the activities of your choice, and make this farewell party unforgettable. In each multiadventure you will be able to design a multidisciplinary activity in which you can choose between 1 and 4 different activities.

We are sure to find the perfect combination for you, as these circuits are ideal for stag and hen parties.

Dare to prepare a fun farewell party and surprise the bride or groom with our activities.

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Tirolina en oro
Herri Kirolak para eventos

Basque rural games for stag and hen parties

Enjoy traditional sports and celebrate a unique and different farewell party.

Between Txingas and Lokotxas.

In the past, these were some of the tasks that were carried out on a daily basis, rural labour activities; transporting milk, straw, harvesting corn, etc., and over time, playing to see who had the greatest skill in carrying out the activity, they became short betting matches and finally, the best-known rural sports in the Basque Country.

We know that the Basques have a reputation for being brutes and in this activity we are going to prove it because it is the best way to compete with your group in these Basque Rural Sports and put your strength, skill, speed and endurance to the test.

A dynamic, fun and focused activity to have the best possible time at a farewell party, where you will practice some of the best known Basque Rural Sports such as the sokatira, lokotxak (cob picking), txinga race, sack race, etc.

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Orientation for farewells

Put your map and compass to the test and dare to compete in teams in a fascinating race.

Who is the best orienteer in the gang? Find out by choosing this activity for the end of the year.

In the orienteering tests the main objective is to find certain beacons strategically hidden around the test area. These Waypoints contain some clamps and riddles that we will use to go to the next Waypoint and leave a record on our check card that we have found the Waypoint.

You will face an orienteering challenge where you will learn how to use the compass, how to read cartographic maps and a few tricks that will make you the fastest.Do you dare with a farewell like this? It will be the most fun race of your lives.

A different and fun way to approach the world of Orienteering, in which teamwork and strategy will be key to winning.

A new challenge in which the bride or groom will have to test their orientation skills before saying “I do”.

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Orientacion paar Despedidas
Senderismo y montaña en Euskadi

Hiking and mountaineering for stag and hen parties

A different and fun farewell in which you will discover unique landscapes of our nature in the Natural Parks of the Basque Country.

Get into nature, sharpen your senses and feel part of it.

We will lead you through the most unique landscapes of our land, enjoying beech forests, rivers or the most spectacular panoramic views, all accompanied by a dose of culture, enlivening the route with explanations about the place, its fauna, flora or traditions of the area.

With Inguru Abentura we will discover the best kept secret places in the Natural Parks of Urkiola, Gorbea, Entzia… and in other incomparable natural environments that have little to envy to higher mountains.

A different and healthy way to celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette party.

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