We offer courses in mountain disciplines from beginners to advanced level.

INGURU ABENTURA offers you different types of courses, so that you can practice the activities you like the most independently or learn the techniques you didn’t know to progress in the activities you like the most.

We offer three different levels:

Initiation: Courses suitable for people who want to learn the basics of a specific activity.

Improvement: Focused on people who have first completed the beginners course or for those who have experience in the activity and want to acquire new knowledge.

Advanced: This course is for those who have extensive control over a specific activity and want to acquire knowledge focused on safety, rescue or develop the same activity at higher levels. These courses will be adapted to the requirements of the person concerned.

Technical mountain courses available

Curso técnico en Descenso de Barrancos

Learn the technique of canyoning and canyoning with professional technicians and lose your fears.

Curso técnico de Escalada

Learn climbing technique with experienced professionals who will teach you all the manoeuvres.

Curso técnico en Espeleología

Learn the vertical progression techniques (TPV) necessary for safe vertical and horizontal caving with qualified and experienced professionals.

Curso técnico de Orientación

Learn how to use a compass and a cartographic map. You will never lose your bearings.