Education is another pillar of Inguru Abentura.

We believe that it is important that young people learn from an early age the importance of respect for nature, environmental awareness and self-confidence, which is why at Inguru Abentura we consider it vital to work and practice these types of values.

We organise different school sports or didactic activities for extracurricular activities, aimed at schools, educational centres, AMPAs…

In the adventure stays at the Urbasa campsite they will be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Sleeping away from home is always an experience and if they are also given the opportunity to practice adventure sports morning, afternoon and evening with their classmates, they will never forget the experience. The different group and individual values to be worked on are basic pillars in our Multiadventure Stays.

We also offer a wide variety of activities in the school multi-adventures and in our own extra-curricular activities full of fun and values.

For any questions we are at your disposal, if you like a campaign but it does not fit your plan, please contact us, without any commitment, and we will carry out your idea.

Activities available for Schoolchildren

Estancias para escolares en Urbasa

Multi-adventure stays with different adventure or nature activities that Inguru Abentura has prepared for primary and secondary school pupils in the vicinity of the Urbasa campsite without having to travel.


An unforgettable day full of adventure and fun. Tell us what you would like to do among the more than nine alternatives of different activities that we offer and we will take care of the rest.

Deporte escolar

We have a wide range of activities in school sports full of fun and values aimed at all types of students adapted according to age ranges.