Outdoor Training and Team Building activities that aim to enhance teamwork, improving personal and interpersonal skills through motivation and mutual trust.

Do you want to organise an event, an incentive or a stay where you can work and train a series of objectives for your work teams?

Inguru Abentura offers already designed programmes or can create a tailor-made programme in a space adapted to your logistical, comfort and economic needs.

Sometimes a lack of motivation, cooperation and communication leads to stagnation in the team, which has a direct impact on the company’s performance and results.

Through a fun competition between workers, each group improves cohesion and speed in decision-making, strengthening team spirit and reducing stress and confrontation at work.

Thanks to this training we will be able to overcome negative aspects and transfer this experience to the working environment and even to daily life, achieving a solid team of completely cohesive workers.

Consult our activities or tell us what you want to promote and we will do our best to achieve it.

MICE activities available for companies

Outdoor Training

Simple and fun games to strengthen your team.

Outdoor Training

Workers united to overcome any obstacle that arises in the company.

Programas a medida para empresas

Main objective: to promote teamwork.