The Basque mountains are perfect for you to practise an infinite number of sports: caving, bungee jumping, canyoning, multi-adventure… Dare to try any of our activities in a unique and wild environment.

Our company specialises in adventure sports and we offer you a wide and varied range of activities whatever your level and experience.

If you want to feel like an adventurer exploring unique places where few people dare to venture, come with us and we will guide you through the most hidden natural treasures of our land, enjoying activities full of emotions and adventures.

We offer a wide range of activities in the natural environment, such as canyoning, caving, climbing via ferrata, bungee jumping, orienteering, etc. that you can practice guided by a highly qualified professional team. We have the approved safety equipment necessary to enjoy nature with the minimum possible risk.

Our activities take place mainly in Álava, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and Navarre. However, we also travel to the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa to discover magical places and live unforgettable experiences.

Don’t hesitate, choose your favourite adventure and come and enjoy, we will take care of the rest.

Activities available in Adventure Sports

Espeleología en Euskadi

Discover the best kept secrets of the earth. Choose the most attractive underground adventure and dare to discover a world as dark as it is magical.


Water, adrenaline and fun. Enjoy slides, jumps and abseiling while you discover the most spectacular rivers, canyons and ravines in the Basque Country.


In the bungee jumping activity we will make a jump that leads us to a fall full of unforgettable sensations.
3,2,1 JUMP!

Escalada en Egino

Break your barriers and dare to defy the laws of gravity. Get to know yourself and feel the texture of the rock in your hands. We will help you find the balance between body and mind.


Dare to overcome vertical walls with the help of ladders installed on the wall following a steel cable that will secure you throughout the ascent.

Actividad de Orientación en Euskadi

Don’t lose your bearings and learn to orientate yourself in the mountains with the help of a compass and a cartographic map. Enjoy our orienteering tests and find all the hidden beacons.

Senderismo y montaña en Euskadi

Get to know first-hand all the secrets hidden in our Natural Parks. Feel free and breathe fresh air enjoying our spectacular surroundings.


An unforgettable day full of adrenaline and fun. Choose your activities and go on an adventure.