Novel activities for parties, celebrations and events

If you want to organise a different and surprising event, Inguru Abentura offers a variety of unique and innovative activities.

Our goal is the fun and enjoyment of the attendees. Combined with different options such as zip-lining and other activities, adrenaline and excitement are guaranteed.

We personalise your event experience and design the combination of activities that best suits your audience, both indoors and outdoors.

Are you thinking of organising a party in a village and don’t know what to do? Do you want to do something fun or original that everyone who comes to the party will want to try?
Surely we can offer you a tailor-made plan.

Activity to be done indoors or outdoors, depending on the available spaces or the weather, half day or full day, with or without monitors.
Take a look at this section and choose the combination you like best.

Activities available for events and celebrations


Go for the adventure and enjoy the flight.

Torre de cajas para eventos

A fun challenge and a spectacle for the audience.

Cama elástica para eventos

Jump and have fun doing what you like the most.

Salto pendular para eventos

Stronger than bungee jumping.

Rapel para eventos

A small adventure of great sensations.

Taller de equilibrio

Become a circus acrobat.

Tiro con arco

Visualise the target, aim and shoot…


The game of games.

Herri Kirolak para eventos

Culture and fun are not incompatible.