Bungee jumping, a jump that won't leave you indifferent. Lean over the edge of the abyss from a bridge, count to three and jump!

Inguru Abentura offers the possibility of bungee jumping in an incomparable setting such as the Atxaspi Bridge, located in the town of Berriatua, just 2 km from Ondarroa, Vizcaya.

This activity allows us to make a jump that leads us to a free fall of 25 metres. The real distance to the ground is 45 metres. This jump will give us a shot of adrenaline that will alter all our cells and fill us with unforgettable sensations.

This activity doesn’t require exceptional physical fitness or extreme bravery, it’s just a matter of switching off, trusting and jumping into the abyss. You will regret it if you don’t jump.

Bungee jumping is actually a giant pendulum or swing, as we jump from one side of the bridge and the ropes are anchored at the opposite end, so the body does not suffer any significant impact and once in the air the ropes are progressively tightened. In this way, the first sensation of panic turns into pure pleasure in a few moments.

For the more suspicious people, bungee jumping is one of the safest activities we do, as safety measures are doubled at all times and all the parameters are carefully studied. We will have a double safety rope and double braking system as well as a helmet and harness. All the equipment is approved and of the highest quality.

Inguru Abentura has more than 12 years of experience in four different locations or bungee jumping and a qualified professional team that will advise us at all times to enjoy the experience with the maximum possible safety.

Three, two, one… You jump with Inguru?

What is our jump in Atxazpi like?

We will gather a group of approximately 10 people to perform the activity and after an explanatory briefing we will proceed to equip ourselves with the approved harnesses for bungee jumping and then all the participants will jump to enjoy an experience that you will never forget. Motivation will not be lacking after our explanations that will give you a lot of peace of mind.

Who can go bungee jumping?

Anyone can do the jump as long as they do not have any physical, mental or sensory impairment that could affect the safety of the activity, even so, consult us as people with disabilities, including those with sclerosis, have been able to enjoy the experience of jumping into the void.

What is the recommended minimum age?

At Inguru Abentura we believe that weight is more important than age, because the heavier we are, the greater our weight, the greater our pendulum will be to enjoy jumping 100%. From 14 years old could be a good age, but if you are asked to fulfil a dream, you have to make it come true. You must be accompanied by an adult or have permission to do the activity.

What does the bungee jumping activity include?

  • Collective technical installation material
  • Individual technical equipment (harness and helmet)
  • 2-3 qualified guides or specialised sports technicians.
  • Civil Liability and Accident Assistance
  • 21% V.A.T.


Wear comfortable clothes, sportswear for example (long sleeves are always better) and sports or hiking shoes. It is always a good idea to bring water and some food per person and, depending on the season, cream, mackintosh and/or umbrella and sun cream.

Details: Bungee Jumping

  • LOCATIONS: Between Ondarroa and Berriatua. Atxazpi Bridge. Coastal road towards Lekeitio.
  • DURATION: Between 2 and 3 hours.
  • SEASON: All year round.
  • MINIMUM GROUP: 10 participants.
  • MINIMUM AGE: 14 years old.
  • TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: Open file in pdf
  • GENERAL CONDITIONS: Open file in pdf

Rates: Bungee Jumping

First jump * Repetition
50 € 15 €

Prices per person (VAT included)

Bookings: Bungee Jumping in Atxazpi

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50,00  60 minutes

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Gift Voucher: Bungee jumping


Give the gift of an unforgettable experience, go bungee jumping with Inguru Abentura.

Information request

    If you are thinking of doing this activity and you have doubts of any kind, necessary level, material, conditions, etc. Write us and we will be happy to advise you on all the details.

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