Adventure sports in the Basque Country

If you want to feel like a real adventurer, exploring places where few people dare to tread, come with us and well guide you around some of the most hidden natural treasures in the Basque Country, making the most of activities full of adventure and emotion.

We offer a wide range of activities in the natural environment, such as the descent of ravines, caving, climbing, kayaking, bungee jumping, snowshoeing, etc. You can practice guided by a highly qualified professional team. We have the homologated safety material necessary to enjoy nature with the minimum possible risk.

We are located in Salvatierra-Agurain, and our activities are mainly developed in Álava, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa and Navarra. Even so, we also travel to the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa to discover magical places and live unforgettable experiences.

Canyoning in the Basque Country with professional UIMLA guides.
Bungee jumping, a jump that will not leave you indifferent. Hover on the edge of the abyss from a bridge, count to three and jump!
Caving, practising speleology you will enjoy the magical landscape of the subsoil through the galleries of the most spectacular caves and chasms of the Basque Country.
Enjoy a wide variety of adventure sports in unique natural environments in the Basque Country and Navarre.
Come rock climbing with Inguru Abentura and get to know the best climbing areas, walls and pitches in the Basque Country suitable for your climbing level.
Dare to know the beauty of the Ullibarri-Ganboa reservoir in a different way
The most brutal way to discover the Ullibarri Ganboa reservoir
Enjoy the lake  at Ullíbarri Gamboa paddling in kayak from the beach of Landa in Álava.
Progress through vertical walls with a spectacular environment worthy of the best climbs with the protection of a steel cable and steps for progression.
Come with Inguru Abentura to cross the most beautiful landscapes of the Basque Country.
Test yourself with the map and the compass and dare to compete for teams in a fascinating race in which everything is not running.
Feel and hear the crunch of your steps in the snow, discover the silence that reigns in the icy white blanket.
Dare to fulfill your deepest alpine dreams by climbing the most breathtaking walls and mountains in the world.


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