A company that is constantly adapting.


Inguru Abentura first began during the Spring of 2003, when two friends got together to set up a company that united the two things that they all loved above everything else: nature and adventure sports.

The company grew from strength to strength and in 2008, a third member joined the team, taking on board a lot of the management and consolidating the company into a more solid, professional unit.

In June 2013, ten years after founding the company, the three pioneering entrepreneurs decided it was time to pass on the baton to a new generation of enthusiasts. After various meetings, the staff decided to turn the company into a cooperative.

In December 2013, the Inguru Abentura cooperative (full name: Inguru Abentura Kooperatiba Elkarte Txikia) was formed - a solid project, full of energy and enthusiasm, made up of 6 individuals, each bringing different skills and sports to the table, to create a multi-disciplinary company that works hard to make a living out of what it loves doing, whilst remaining true to its pioneering principles.

Currently in 2019, with change of five years, we enter a new stage as a company and with a new multidisciplinary team capable of enforcing your dreams.

We are dedicated to combining our skills with a passion for the environment, to offer our clients the best possible service catering for all adventure sports needs.

A passionate and approachable team of instructors.


Cristian Rodriguez
  • Cristian Rodriguez
      • Institutions and new projects.
      • Administration.
      • Business studies.
      • K.T. 2- Canyoning


    Julen Ardanaz
    • Julen Ardanaz
      • Superior Technician in Physical-Sports Act in Natural Environment.
      • T.D. 2 - Canyoning.

      Ion Murua
      • Ion Murua
        • T.D.2 - Ravines
        • Acuatic first aid
        • First aid

      Joseba Mikel Azketa
      • Joseba Mikel Azketa
        • Experticias - Canyoning
      Xabier Mendikoa
      • Xabier Mendikoa
        • Experticias - Canyoning
      Aitor Gonzalez
      • Aitor Gonzalez
        • K.T. 2- High Mountain Guide
        • K.T. 2- Canyoning.